All You Need to Know Concerning Power Resistors

08 Jan

You should know that the lifespan of an electronic gadget or device is determined by the effectiveness of the power resistors used. This is because the main function of power resistors is to oppose the flow of electric current within a circuit. When the power flowing is over the required wattage or voltage, the resistors will block the excess power from accessing the device. 

However, all resistors are not the same when it comes to functioning and performance. Therefore, when looking for power resistors, there are some few parameters or properties that need to be considered. Some of the properties you need to check when looking for current sense resistors include.

a. Resistance value and tolerance.

Different power resistors have different tolerance and resistance values. Therefore, whether you are looking for current shunt or wire-wound resistor, it is important to consider the manufacturing tolerance of device. Different manufacturers have different methods and techniques of composing resistors. Due to this fact, it is important to consider the manufacturing tolerance and the volume of power the resistor can hold. You'll want to learn more about wirewound resistors

When it comes to the tolerance value, it is important to look for a resistor with the ability to stop the device from being destroyed by the high power supply. The best way to check resistance value is through overloading. When the resistor is overloaded for a long period and its resistance value does not change, it should be selected.

b. Power rating and temperature coefficient.

When it comes to power rating, it means the dissipation that the device is capable of. Power dissipation is measured in terms of room temperature and heat loss. An effective component is able to dissipate heat and remain effective even when the temperatures are high. The ambient temperature should also be considered when it comes to power rating. Do check out high power resistors as well. 

There are different properties that should also be considered when it comes to temperature coefficient and power rating. Some of the features include the number of photons and the expansion coefficient from the composing expansive material. 

c. Noise and wire insulation.

Other things that need to be considered when looking for custom wire-wound resistor include noise and wire insulation properties. The most important feature that makes wire-wound resistor effective is wire insulation. There are different materials that are used to insulate these wires. Some of the most materials used include cotton, silk, and synthetic fiber. The material used determines how the component is going to be affected by environmental influences. It is also important to choose low noise resistors.

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